What does she want to be when she grows up?

Does she imagine she can become whatever she wants to be? Is she growing up in an environment that supports her future success?

Check out this video to shed some light on the state of girls today.


There’s something stopping girls
from reaching their full potential.

It’s time to start supporting girls, so that they can become the leaders the world needs. Join the cause that helps girls reach their full leadership potential. You’ll discover what’s stopping girls today, and what you can do to create an important change.

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When girls succeed,
so does society.

Get the facts and learn what you can do. Because our country, our society, our world needs girls’ vision, voice, and values.

Get informed here, and then learn how you can participate, speak up,
and invest in girls to create change.


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4 in 10 girls say they’ve had no opportunities to interact with successful women in the last school year.

The statistics regarding girls and leadership today have a predicting effect on all our futures.

Get informed, and then find out how you can have an impact on girls today, to help them lead for a better tomorrow.

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Empowering girls today empowers the women of tomorrow.

This generation of girls deserves to lead tomorrow’s boardrooms and courthouses and run our hospitals and technology start-ups.

But she might not get there, unless we create an environment to support her.

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