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The facts indicate that peer pressure to not stand out, bullying, and a lack of role models contribute to a crisis among girls today. Learn how you can help create a more supportive environment for girls at

Get the facts on what’s stopping our upcoming generation and learn what you can do to lead girls to a successful future.

It has been said that the status of women in society is a direct measure of that society's success. But it goes deeper than that and starts with girls. The statistics we read about girls today have a predicting effect on all of our futures. A girl who doesn't believe she has what it takes to be a leader isn't likely to run for mayor one day. A girl who is laughed at by peers for being outspoken in the classroom isn't dreaming of sitting at the head of the table, running a board meeting. A girl who hides her abilities in science and math won’t find the cure to illnesses that affect us all.

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    Did You Know?

    Only 1 in 5 girls believes she has the key qualities required to be a good leader.

    Yet the public believes that women—even more than men—have what it takes to be leaders in today’s world.

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    Women account for less than 20% of the bachelor’s degrees in engineering, computer science, and physics.

    Yet when today’s girls graduate from college, the U.S. will need 3 million more scientists and engineers.

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    Not Okay

    There’s not a single woman among the CEOs and board chairs at the top 15 media companies.

    Yet girls overwhelmingly report wanting to effect change and be a role model.

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    Programs for girls receive only 6% of philanthropic dollars.

    Yet investing in girls produces the greatest return in economic development, social progress, and public health.

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    Only 17% of U.S. senators, representatives, and governors are women.

    Yet women are consistently rated higher than men on character traits highly valued in political leaders.

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    Our Business

    3% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women, and women make up only 15% of corporate boards.

    Yet stocks of companies with more female senior executives consistently outperform industry peers.

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    Money matters

    Women managed only 3% of the hedge funds and 10% of mutual funds during the recent economic crisis.

    Yet women-owned funds significantly outperform funds in general, even during tough economic times.

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    In the Media

    Women hold only 16% of the top positions at movie studios and own less than 6% of the TV stations in the U.S.

    Yet more than 90% of the American public reports being comfortable with women as heads of TV and film studios.

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    Let’s Talk

    Women make up only 6.5% of the science advisory board members at U.S. high-tech firms.

    Yet 74% of teen girls say they’re interested in STEM subjects and fields.