Promote Healthy Images of Women

Girls today face critical issues, from an unsupportive environment to a lack of role models in high-paying careers. Join in asking your legislator for critical support in moving girls forward into a successful future.

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Promote Healthy Images of Women

Change the way the world views women—and the way girls see themselves.

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Promote Healthy Images of Women
Change the way the world views women--and the way girls see themselves.

Girls ages 8 to 18 consume more than 10 hours per day of media messages, and the media images they see of women and girls affect their confidence, body image, relationships, and leadership aspirations.

  • In media messages and images, females were over five times as likely as males to be shown in sexually revealing clothing.
  • Eating disorders, low self-esteem, and depression or depressed mood are all linked to sexualization of girls and women in media.
  • Nearly 90% of girls say they feel pressure from media to be thin, and 31% admit to starving themselves or refusing to eat as a weight-loss strategy.

Girls need your help. Together, we can change the way the world views women—and the way girls see themselves.

Here’s what you can do.

1. Use your personal buying power to reward companies that depict healthy body messages and images. Watch for messages and images that promote healthy and diverse body images of women and girls and that portray equal and healthy relationships.

2. Stay connected to the Healthy MEdia Commission.

The Healthy MEdia Commission connects the National Association of Broadcasters, the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, Girl Scouts of the USA, and The Creative Coalition with industry leaders, subject-matter experts, youth representatives, and the creative community to change the way women and girls are portrayed in the media. Sign up now for updates from the Healthy MEdia Commission.

3. Speak up now! Send a message today to your U.S. Senator and Representative in support of the Healthy Media for Youth Act, which promotes healthy media messages about girls and women for the benefit of all youth!