The Pledge

ToGetHerThere is taking bold steps to rally the nation around a single cause: create gender-balanced leadership in one generation. I’ve pledged to do my part in supporting today’s girls. Will you?

Together, we will get her there.


ToGetHerThere is the boldest advocacy initiative dedicated to girls' leadership issues in the nation's history. The long-term goal is urgent: to create gender-balanced leadership in one generation. To do that, everyone must play a role in helping girls reach their leadership potential. Because when girls succeed, so does society.


61% of girls are either deeply ambivalent about leadership or say that it's not important to them. Negative influences abound, including peer pressure to not stand out, lack of mentors, unhealthy images in the media about beauty, and bullying. The cycle of discouragement that begins in grade school goes on to have far-reaching impact on our society.


We can do better for our girls. We can't transform American leadership in one year, but we can transform expectations and awareness in a year.

I Pledge:

To do my part in supporting today’s girls—to achieve the goal of equal and balanced leadership tomorrow—I pledge to join ToGetHerThere by being a leader who inspires girls and:

  • Becomes informed, learning why we need to solve this issue for girls today and how a successful female leader positively impacts the world around her.
  • Speaks up for supportive environments in my community, such as advocating for healthy media images; helping identify effective mentors; increasing girls’ involvement in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM); and joining the fight against bullying.
  • Invests in girls to invest in our future.

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